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WTC+001: WTC Communications - in the beginning...

WTC+002: Jimmy Cutter - Remove The Centerpiece, Thanks

WTC+003: The Other Mike Oldfield - The Sounds Of The Tubular Bells

WTC+004: Jimmy Cutter - Ambient Party

WTC+005: riseandshine - returntoLightlane

WTC+006: Jimmy Cutter - This Is Christian Hip-Hop

WTC+007: West Challenger - Radio Excerpts 1-11

WTC+008: Coronachu - Music For The Underwater Generation

WTC+009: Plastic Fuck - FL Studio Millionaires

WTC+010: Jimmy Cutter - Dog Music

WTC+011: Lo Lid Rocko - Come To Us

WTC+012: Plastic Fuck - A Cover of "Le Freak" by Chic Which Is Incredibly Superior To The Original

WTC+013: Lo Lid Rocko - laughing japanese people.

WTC+014: My Ass Is Itchy Fucking Damn - Vaporware: Greatest Hits

WTC+015: Wettertone - Recycled Outtakes/Unreleased Garbage

WTC+016: Rent Tazor + What's Left Of The Stupid Band - Deep City

WTC+017: Critual - 12 Second Freezeflac

WTC+018: UltraHyperRoboEroticFuckWad - 4 More Jazz Funk Hip Hop Latin Dance EDM IDM Experimental Pornogrind Black Metal Hits

WTC+019: UltraHyperRoboEroticFuckWad - 20 Jazz Funk Hip Hop Latin Dance EDM IDM Experimental Pornogrind Black Metal Hits

WTC+020: Philaru - The Long Debt

WTC+021: Jimmy Cutter - Cutting Through Security Systems

WTC+022: Various Artists - The Wonder Fully National Sampler Thingy Manjong

WTC+023: Demvr - Ideation (reissue)

WTC+024: Walkman Kulture - Radio Shit Method

WTC+025: The Piss Artist - Magical Moments

WTC+026: Medial Q - Live Assault 30.2.20

WTC+027: Walkman Kulture - How Many Trapezoids At My Window?

WTC+028: Red 'n' Blue - Freeform

WTC+029: Walkman Kulture - Do You Like Cows? (Damaged)

WTC+030: Walkman Kulture - Walkmen

WTC+031: Sleeping Penguin - Ultra Dire Into Wow

WTC+032: Red 'n' Blue - Super Team X

WTC+033: Sleeping Penguin - Shakin' Stevens Goes Nuts & Fucking Dies

WTC+034: Walkman Kulture - Fucked-Down Tape Destructive Melange

WTC+035: Red 'n' Blue - Big Ups To The Crew

WTC+036: DJ Shithead - Musical Vibeez

WTC+037: Vrothers - Digital Gonorrhea (reissue)

WTC+037.5: Vrothers - Digital Gonorrhea Version 2 (reissue)

WTC+038: Vrothers - Compendium Intellectuel

WTC+039: Vrothers - Real Music (reissue)

WTC+040: Sherlocks Home And His Group Of Bald Middle Aged Men - Boiled Pot

WTC+041: Jimmy Cutter - 0412

WTC+042: Vrothers - What, You Prick? (reissue)

WTC+043: Jimmy Cutter - I Sold My House For An Aube CD

WTC+044: Critual With The Kastanet Krew - Jazzy Feelings

WTC+045: Jimmy Cutter - The New Theme Tune For Every Single British Program

WTC+046: AJJ Spritzer - Quest For The Sacred Creme Egg

WTC+047: Gas Mine Found - Nightime Despair Soul Balsam

WTC+048: Vrothers - I See The World Again With My Revolver (reissue)

WTC+049: [The] Superslow Disc Fockey Medial Q - Nature Supreme

WTC+050: Various Artists - Clydebank Allstars?

WTC+051: Kelpie National - Tone Mixture: forawhile[if]

WTC+052: Vrothers Korporation - Launch On

WTC+053: Walkman Kulture - The Return Of Walkman Kulture

WTC+054: UltraHyperRoboEroticFuckWad - 99 Family Friendly Christian Breakcore Songs For The Entire Family

WTC+055: The Walmart Pensioner Orchestra - Livin' In A Walmart

WTC+056: riseandshine - Retrieved From Void

WTC+057: DJ Fuckface & His Band Of Rogue Electronic Instruments - Loops 'n' Shit (deleted)

WTC+058: Critual - It Takes Up To 40 Dumb Animals To Make A Fur Coat But Only One To Wear It

WTC+059: Vrothers - Fuck Bacteria (reissue)

WTC+060: kickassmotherfuckerontheblock - yeahsureman

WTC+061: Family Dollar - Lombard Street

WTC+062: Critual With Raz Rizla & The Innocuous Cunt - Dirty Fucker

WTC+063/EMCD07: Jojo Mcjoe/MTS AIRMASS/Giraffe People/Wenton - Ice Cream Truck Around The Corner Of Hell

WTC+064: Medial Q - A Bloke Who Smokes Too Much Crack Is A Good Bloke

WTC+065/DSEP015: Lo Lid Rocko - When Will I Be Hi-Fidelity?

WTC+066: The Other Mike Oldfield - The Sounds Of The Tubular Bells (Volume 2.718391)

WTC+067: The Me Dial With Band In Six Q - No Needle Cut-Out Groove Deconstruction

WTC+068: Reed & Bleu - Improvisations On Cheap Gear

WTC+069: Reitu - Freefall

WTC+070: The Stink Practitioner - Invocation Of Our Smelly Mistress

WTC+071: Vrothers - Redwood Ridgeway (reissue)

WTC+072: Walkmen Culture Vs Rez Razla & The Count Onnicuous - Beginner's Guide To Moonwalking

WTC+073: Medial Q - Turntable Exorcism

WTC+074: Riz Rilez & The Cunet Inoc / Jimmy Cutter - Full Of Stars

WTC+075: Kirgo, Cat Merchant - Spicy Joseph's Saunter To Tesco Extra

WTC+076: Godbin / Glenmusik - World Famous / Music For Pipe Cleaners

WTC+077: The CD Skipper Orchestra - Scratched

WTC+078: Lol Fuck - Lol Fuck Extended Play

WTC+079/EMCD09: Various Artists - Gamer Time

WTC+080: riseandshine - a://3;meBe10

WTC+081: Family Dollar - Four Weeks In Pain

WTC+082: Ra Relzilay And The Innocent Count Cunt - The Adventures Of Jimmy Landrover & His Companion Rig

WTC+083: Lol Fuck - Lol Fuck Presents British House Classics Vol. 396

WTC+084: Shifala - 2K20

WTC+085: Mike Mulligan - Saturday Night Pool

WTC+086: Mike Kinsella's Mind During Recording - Mike Kinsella's Mind During Recording (deleted)

WTC+087: Lol Fuck - Lol Fuck's Overly Long And Unsatisfying Eastenders Edit

WTC+088: Jimmy Cutter - Lost Peace

WTC+089: The Vietnamese Printer Assembly - Look At Him (He's Got No Legs)

WTC+090: LLR - liveshitorsomethingidontknow01 (deleted)

WTC+091: Reb Rizbleele, NDA Iconcountis Countin - Jimmy Boke Oe

WTC+092: Synthesised Lasagne - Plastic Development Fluid

WTC+093: Family Dollar - Now That's What I Call

WTC+094: (The Other) Mike Oldfield - The Other The Other Mike Oldfield Album (Tubular Bells Volume 3)

WTC+095: The Stink Practitioner - Chippy Prostate Death Spiral

WTC+096: Thee Jimmy Cutter - Untitled

WTC+097: Demvr / Gov. Physics - Somnambulae

WTC+098: Family Dollar - Benevolent Feedback

WTC+099: Zed Tee Qa - Peace Out

WTC+100: Family Dollar - Clydebank Compendium

WTC+101: No Artist - Yeah, Crisps

WTC+102: Sam Fauchon - Puke Blood With Little Men

WTC+103: DanzoBeanz - The Hot Ones

WTC+104: Sam Fauchon - Aryan Breakups

WTC+105: Sam Fauchon - Sewerslvt Cvts My Fvcking Nvts Off

WTC+106: Jane Beatsman - cool breakcore very nice not bad super fun.mp7

WTC+107: Sam Fauchon - Trump Tested Positive Party!

WTC+108: Crumbo Finnrt - Nottingham Rehearsal

WTC+109: Shifala - Trapped

WTC+110: Family Dollar - Flamly Doalrl (reissue)

WTC+111: Various Artists - Straight Outta Clydebank

WTC+112: Sam Fauchon - Long Distance Dork Control

WTC+113: DJ DanzoBeanz - Pop Party 77 (reissue)

WTC+114: Raz Rielbs & The Incorporated Cup - Any Spare Change?

WTC+115: auradog - elusive

WTC+116: International Society For The Prevention Of Geese - Pocket Music

WTC+117: Daichi Audio Company - Exquisite Sound

WTC+118: The Stink Practitioner - A Very Pungent Christmas

WTC+119: synthesised lasagne - A Very Chestnut Christmas

WTC+120: Daichi Audio Company - Solo For Wounded Turntable

WTC+121: Rad Rilei + The Iconsounds Cuowt - notright.aif

WTC+122: The Stink Practitioner - Hi

WTC+123: punished auradog - oath of silence

WTC+124: punished auradog - tearsea

WTC+125: Piss Drinker - Drink Piss

WTC+126: D. Solomon - Music For Long People

WTC+127: Mike Dean Of Demenex Plant Hire Ltd - The Microcassette Recordings

WTC+128: DJ Lysergic Acid Diethylamide - psychedelic noise death trip

WTC+333: V/A - You Have Three Seconds


clyde^001: Cube Underlord - TABLOID TV

clyde^002: Carriion - Meltdown

clyde^003: Deep Fried Ice - Solar Plexus Clown Glider

clyde^004: Broken Computer Orchestra - Live @ Michaelsoft Binbows

clyde^005: kidwithapedalboard - AUDIO PRO C-60

clyde^006: kowloon antifreeze / Televangelist - God's Children: Live From His Laundry Basket

clyde^007: Yawn - Volumes

clyde^008: Cube Underlord - TERROR TV

clyde^009: shamanic princess - shamanic princess


clyde^011: Yamashiro Kusuo - Three Words

clyde^012: Giraffe People - You Cannot Buy Blu-Tack in Indonesia

clyde^014: King Tiger - Magic Wood EP

clyde^015: Cathode Ray Mission - Cathode Ray Mission

clyde^016: Giraffe People - Giraffe People's Guide To Making A Top 10 Hit

clyde^017: V/A - You Have Thirty-Three Seconds

clyde^018: Eyerolls / vay - Eyerolls / vay

clyde^019: bitrman - talking on the phone with you makes me want to die

clyde^020: Merchant - The Pastille Album

clyde^021: King Tiger - Tree Fiddy

clyde^022: yeemeen nosa - Garden Slumbers

clyde^023: mammary problem - desk job psychedelic swirl

clyde^024: BHP Shuffla - Proposed Contrasts

clyde^025: Burdent - Catalog 1

clyde^026: Cathode Ray Mission - Digital Datura

clyde^027: Imperium - Dedicated To Cray-1

clyde^028: Crow - I Am Scat

clyde^029: Cathode Ray Mission - Live??

clyde^030: Hana's Trash - Junk Jazz

clyde^031: Hana's Trash / kowloon antifreeze - Trash Slum Noise Pollution

clyde^032: Kris T Reeder - NOISE JAZZ D7823

clyde^033: Burdent - Raw Teeth EP

clyde^034: 75258050866944 - Ununited

clyde^035: Giraffe People - The Eye

clyde^036: isabelle cedar - 4 queers burn down the christian church

clyde^037: Burdent - Pseudoflowers

clyde^038: Post-artist - Jury Kidnap

clyde^039: Urzla - 4ndoorsoutdoors

clyde^040: PREMATURE DODO CASINO - .,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,

clyde^041: Various Artists - The Dreams and Past Crimes of the Archduke

clyde^042: Butchered Soldier - Piggy

clyde^043: spiral staircase - spiral staircase

clyde^044: carter thomas - music for piano/tape

clyde^045: GHSU - Great Hits Super Undulations

clyde^046: Diving Horse - Plug → Jack


clyde^048: Hasskrieger - Hass

clyde^049: my lovely burnt brother - the lossless vampire killers

clyde^050: Noxw - re:start EP

clyde^051: toledo streams - morning wings of deus imoranti

clyde^052: Jesus' Death Mother - He Was Not The Only One On The Cross

clyde^053: quillyear - Ж​у​р​н​а​л н​е​у​б​и​т​о​г​о

clyde^054: Songs About My (Tigers) Cats by King Tiger

clyde^055: Crepuscular Entity - Greasy Desert Station

clyde^056: Jaiden Macintosh - Ø

clyde^057: Rooms Without Doors - MVI 9999 "Broadcast Yourself"

clyde^058: M B U F / Ennaytch - DEAD POPE HAMMER

clyde^059: Nine Horsemen - The Floorboard Man

clyde^060: samelectronics - spring

clyde^061: digitalsakura - eirene

clyde^062: digitalsakura - calyx

clyde^063: Car Shining Sounds - Don't Keep Yourself Down

clyde^064: digitalsakura - anemone

clyde^065: Kalba9 X Yung Imposter - Kalba9 X Yung Imposter LIVE @ SAMP

clyde^066: We Fall - Daydreaming Metadata

clyde^067: A Juventuma 1966 - A Juventuma 1966


WCC+000: Mike Mulligan - Rotary Dreams

WOC+705: My Cell Phone Is Better Than Your Cell Phone - Wool Sweaters

WTC+FL0L: Lol Fuck - Lol Fuck

WTC+LMA0: Lmao Shit - Lmao Shit

WTV-C10: Req Reieuz And The Sieoncous Cunpt - Bush Geometry

WTX:081: Sam Fauchon - Dream Songs Night Songs

moskar:001: Vaporwave It's A Good Ass Bruise Yes No I Don't Wanna Show Siamese Cat - Flogal Shopper


[no catalog number]: Giraffe People - Untitled (CDr only) - reissued as clyde^035