26/05/23 - clyde^067 now released: A Juventuma 1966 by A Juventuma 1966

12/05/23 - clyde^066 now released: Daydreaming Metadata by We Fall

28/04/23 - clyde^065 now released: Kalba9 X Yung Imposter LIVE @ SAMP by Kalba9 X Yung Imposter

15/04/23 - clyde^064 now released: anemone by digitalsakura

07/04/23 - clyde^063 now released: Don't Keep Yourself Down by Car Shining Sounds

01/04/23 - clyde^062 now released: calyx by digitalsakura

20/03/23 - clyde^060 now released: spring by samelectronics, as well as clyde^061: eirene by digitalsakura

17/03/23 - clyde^059 now released: The Floorboard Man by Nine Horsemen

24/02/23 - clyde^058 now released: DEAD POPE HAMMER by M B U F / Ennaytch

10/02/23 - clyde^057 now released: MVI 9999: "Broadcast Yourself" by Rooms Without Doors

27/01/23 - clyde^056 now released: Ø by Jaiden Macintosh

13/01/23 - clyde^055 now released: Greasy Desert Station by Crepuscular Entity

30/12/22 - clyde^054 now released: Songs About My (Tigers) Cats by King Tiger

16/12/22 - clyde^053 now released: Ж​у​р​н​а​л н​е​у​б​и​т​о​г​о by quillyear

02/12/22 - clyde^052 now released: He Was Not The Only One On The Cross by Jesus' Death Mother

18/11/22 - clyde^051 now released: morning wings of deus imoranti by toledo streams

04/11/22 - clyde^050 now released: re:start EP by Noxw

21/10/22 - clyde^049 now released: the lossless vampire killers by my lovely burnt brother

07/10/22 - clyde^048 now released: Hass by Hasskrieger

23/09/22 - clyde^047 now released: IN NEIMENG by GATEWAY VGA DREAM

09/09/22 - clyde^046 now released: Plug → Jack by Diving Horse

26/08/22 - clyde^045 now released: Great Hits Super Undulations by GHSU

12/08/22 - clyde^044 now released: music for piano/tape by carter thomas

15/07/22 - clyde^043 now released: spiral staircase by spiral staircase

01/07/22 - clyde^042 now released: Piggy by Butchered Soldier

17/06/22 - clyde^041 now released: The Dreams and Past Crimes of the Archduke by V/A

03/06/22 - clyde^040 now released: .,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,., by PREMATURE DODO CASINO

31/05/22 - clyde^039 now released: 4ndoorsoutdoors by Urzla

20/05/22 - clyde^038 now released: Jury Kidnap by Post-artist

06/05/22 - clyde^037 now released: Pseudoflowers by Burdent

24/04/22 - clyde^036 now released: 4 queers burn down the christian church by isabelle cedar

15/04/22 - clyde^035 now released: The Eye by Giraffe People

04/03/22 - clyde^034 now released: Ununited by 75258050866944

18/02/22 - clyde^033 now released: Raw Teeth EP by Burdent

04/02/22 - clyde^031 and clyde^032 now released: Trash Slum Noise Pollution by Hana's Trash / kowloon antifreeze and NOISE JAZZ D7823 by Kris T Reeder

21/01/22 - clyde^030 now released: Junk Jazz by Hana's Trash

07/01/22 - clyde^029 now released: Live?? by Cathode Ray Mission

01/01/22 - New sublabel: A Ten Pound Note Found In The Drain! A bunch of web-only singles available here.


24/12/21 - clyde^028 now released: I Am Scat by Crow

03/12/21 - clyde^027 now released: Dedicated To Cray-1 by Imperium

22/11/21 - clyde^026 now released: Digital Datura by Cathode Ray Mission

12/11/21 - clyde^025 now released: Catalog 1 by Burdent

29/10/21 - clyde^024 now released: Proposed Contrasts by BHP Shuffla

15/10/21 - clyde^023 now released: desk job psychedelic swirl by mammary problem

08/10/21 - clyde^022 now released: Garden Slumbers by yeemeen nosa

01/10/21 - clyde^021 now released: Tree Fiddy by King Tiger

24/09/21 - clyde^020 now released: The Pastille Album by Merchant

17/09/21 - clyde^019 now released: talking on the phone with you makes me want to die by bitrman

10/09/21 - clyde^018 now released: Eyerolls / vay by Eyerolls / vay

27/08/21 - clyde^017 now released: You Have Thirty-Three Seconds by V/A

06/08/21 - clyde^016 now released: Giraffe People's Guide To Making A Top 10 Hit by Giraffe People

23/07/21 - clyde^015 now released: Cathode Ray Mission by Cathode Ray Mission

02/07/21 - clyde^014 now released: Magic Wood EP by King Tiger

25/06/21 - clyde^012 now released: You Cannot Buy Blu-Tack In Indonesia by Giraffe People

18/06/21 - A new compilation has been announced, based around our previous one 'You Have Three Seconds'. Read more information here.

11/06/21 - clyde^011 now released: Three Words by Yamashiro Kusuo

04/06/21 - clyde^010 now released: KATAJUNGLE MEGAMIX by DJ BANANA PEEL

28/05/21 - clyde^009 now released: shamanic princess by shamanic princess

21/05/21 - clyde^008 now released: TERROR TV by Cube Underlord

14/05/21 - clyde^007 now released: Volumes by Yawn

07/05/21 - clyde^006 now released: God's Children: Live From His Laundry Basket by kowloon antifreeze / Televangelist

16/04/21 - clyde^005 now released: AUDIO PRO C-60 by kidwithapedalboard

09/04/21 - clyde^004 now released: Live @ Michaelsoft Binbows by Broken Computer Orchestra

02/04/21 - clyde^003 now released: Solar Plexus Clown Glider by Deep Fried Ice

11/03/21 - clyde^002 now released: Meltdown by Carriion

05/03/21 - New catalog number. clyde^001 now released: TABLOID TV by Cube Underlord

26/02/21 - WTC+333 now released: You Have Three Seconds by Various Artists

19/02/21 - The deadline for WTC+333: "You Have Three Seconds" has now been reached. It'll release on the 26th of February. See you then!

16/02/21 - WTC+128 now released: psychedelic noise death trip by DJ Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

10/02/21 - WTC+127 now released: The Microcassette Recordings by Mike Dean Of Demenex Plant Hire Ltd

26/01/21 - WTC+126 now released: Music For Long People by D. Solomon

24/01/21 - WTC+125 now released: Drink Piss by Piss Drinker

20/01/21 - WTC+124 now released: tearsea by punished auradog

17/01/21 - WTC+123 now released: oath of silence by punished auradog

16/01/21 - WOC+705 now released: Wool Sweaters by My Cell Phone Is Better Than Your Cell Phone

15/01/21 - WTC+122 now released: Hi by The Stink Practitioner

12/01/21 - WTC+121 now released: notright.aif by Rad Rilei + The Iconsounds Cuowt

01/01/21 - Happy new year! WTC+120 now released - Solo For Wounded Turntable by Daichi Audio Company


28/12/20 - WTC+119 now released: A Very Chestnut Christmas by synthesised lasagne

25/12/20 - Merry Christmas! WTC+118 now released: A Very Pungent Christmas by The Stink Practitioner

23/12/20 - WTC+117 now released: Exquisite Sound by Daichi Audio Company

20/12/20 - New compilation about 3 second tracks now announced! Submit tracks to by 19th of february 2021 and they will be added!

19/12/20 - WTC+116 now released: Pocket Music by International Society For The Prevention Of Geese

11/12/20 - WTC+115 now released: elusive by auradog

05/12/20 - WTC+114 now released: Any Spare Change by Raz Rielbs & The Incorporated Cup

14/11/20 - WTC+113 now released: Pop Party 77 by DJ DanzoBeanz

04/11/20 - Website launched!