main releases

>june 6th 2021: no sequencer (live 6/21) AKA live @ no name fest (cordfuck records)

>january 3rd 2022: live @ untitled rave livestream (self-released)

>february 18th 2022: mind melter mekano (45-byo mijikakute amai)

>march 8th 2022: killn small artists (split with hallend oats188) (45-byo mijikakute amai)

>march 12th 2022: live @ winter wrap up fest (self-released)

>april 23rd 2022: sun in your head (floppy kick)

>may 1st 2022: urethra warriors (split with wub.man69, cheerleader hate mail and sorwu) (backtick)

>may 12th 2022: lum invader winamp skin / car battery acid (self-released)

>may 28th 2022: high art affair (yuri society)

>june 21st 2022: some kind of ecstasy (a ten pound note found in the drain)

>july 9th 2022: fantasy freedom (floorjazz)

>september 2nd 2022: giving up with stockport swimming team (vomit hurdy gurdy rekordz)

compilation appearances

>december 25th 2021: fucking horrible christmastime (on "a sam likes not just one cock in his mouth christmas" by sam likes not just one cock in his mouth records)

>february 4th 2022: making out at a squarepusher concert (on "10 years of tsundere violence" by tsundere violence)

>february 24th 2022: stairrrstockportswimmingteamrmx (on "stairrrmx" by quillyear)

>march 21st 2022: teardrop lowdown (on "there will come an age of burning flowers" by liquid library)

>april 24th 2022: i am not toshiji mikawa + sailor suit & machine gun (on "screen tearer" by backtick)

>may 6th 2022: ecstasis - with contributions from tristan collet-beneton, hana's trash and deep fried ice (on "dreamtrac" by retrac recordings)

>may 30th 2022: catharsis (on "payphones we've redboxed, skies we've disowned, and dead bullheads in the road" by dusty void recordings)

>june 16th 2022: the act of seeing with paul's eyes (on "paul #5: thepaultr #5: rip paul" by sukore donjin)

>june 17th 2022: star (on "the dreams and past crimes of the archduke" by welcome to clydebank)

>june 20th 2022: cronos (on "we don't give a fuck" by oberammergauer passionspiel 2000)

>july 13th 2022: oishi death school (on "vomit hurdy gurdy rekordz compilation album" by vomit hurdy gurdy rekordz)

>july 24th 2022: peace out (on "cd" by electromagnetic compact discs)

>september 2nd 2022: tie me up! tie me down! (on "shitfuckformula" by see you next game)

>september 16th 2022: te~ta (on "nothing comfort // comfort in nothing" by retrac recordings)


>june 2022: panty & stocking w/ otto muehl (CD only compilation consisting of compilation tracks and unreleased stuff. given to friends)

planned/in progress/yet to be released

>4 way 'steve albini themed' split between PREMATURE DODO CASINO / carter thomas / arkhyanax & myself (under DJ lina inverse) for backtick

>cassette split with hana's trash

>tape "sex & violence with luis bunuel" for retrac recordings

>WIP for basement corner emissions

>various compilation appearances on unlucky wind, 3sm, etc...